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Blended Real-Time
Classes will offer in-person, face-to-face real-time instruction with Zoom connection to allow groups of 9 or fewer to meet on campus while the rest of the class participates via technology.
Remote Real-Time
Classes will offer face-to-face real-time instruction at a distance leveraging technology. Students will not meet in-person with faculty or classmates.
Students and faculty will meet in the same physical location.
100% online, $25 fee, ORI 102 is recommended for all new online students
Telecourse cable TV; requires internet access)
Hybrid & ITN minimum 50% face-to-face; remaining class time web-based)
Interactive Television; requires internet access
Web Conference
100% online, $25 fee, uses Canvas and the web-based interface of Adobe Connect

Yuma Extended Sites Campus Key

Cibola High School
Gila Ridge High School
Kofa High School
Martin Luther King Ctr.
Massage Therapy
Woodard Junior High
Yuma Catholic High
Yuma Fire Station #1
Yuma Fire Station #5
Yuma Regional Medical
Yuma High School

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